Our Top Tips For Virtual Cocktail Party Success

//Our Top Tips For Virtual Cocktail Party Success

Our Top Tips For Virtual Cocktail Party Success

Lockdown is hard for us all, whether you’re self-isolating at home with the family or all by yourself as a corona loner – but there are ways in which you can still socialise and see your friends and relatives, and a virtual cocktail party could be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Following a few formalities can help make it seem more like a real party, so send out some proper invitations telling people what date and time the party is taking place.

Much like you would with a proper party, think about setting a theme or having a dress code – just because you’ll all be in your living rooms or kitchens doesn’t mean you can’t still make an effort and really make a night of it.

Coming up with some cocktail ideas is a good plan and you might like to suggest that everyone makes the same first drink so you can all say cheers together.

Having a cocktail prepared ahead of time will also help make the event run a bit smoother, since you’ll all be ready to drink and chat, and won’t have to keep ducking away from the computer screen to make a beverage.

You can also create a bit of ambiance by using something like the Vertigo app that allows you all to listen to the same playlist at the same time… almost as if you’re all together at your favourite Waterloo cocktail bar, just like old times!

Don’t forget that once lockdown is over, we here at Bar Elba will be back with a vengeance, making you all your favourite tipples once again.

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