Which Cocktails Are You Mixing During Lockdown?

//Which Cocktails Are You Mixing During Lockdown?

Which Cocktails Are You Mixing During Lockdown?

The UK has been in lockdown for over six weeks now and if you’re missing your favourite cocktail bar in Waterloo, you could try to recreate some of your top tipples at home.

The Manchester Evening News recently shared the recipes of seven of the most popular cocktails that you can whip up in your kitchen. The newspaper was inspired to create the list after seeing a post from actor Stanley Tucci sharing how to make a Negroni.

Of course, this classic Italian cocktail made it onto the list, with the traditional version of this drink made by stirring gin, sweet vermouth and campari together on ice and served with a slice of fresh orange.

Another simple cocktail to try at home is a Moscow Mule. For this concoction you just need vodka, ginger beer and ginger bitters. Pour a shot of vodka into a tumbler and fill the glass with crushed ice. Top it up with ginger beer and add a dash of the bitters. You can finish it off with a squeeze of fresh lime if you want.

Mojitos, Old Fashioneds and Margaritas were among the other cocktail suggestions made by the news provider.

Meanwhile, the Bracknell News recently highlighted some of the products that you’ll need to create the perfect cocktails from home.

A cocktail shaker is a must, while a bar spoon and a muddling stick are among the other items that you’ll find useful. Make sure you also have a jigger for measuring your spirits too – free pouring might seem like a great idea, but cocktails are all about the balance of flavours, so it’s important to measure what you’re putting in your glass.

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