Tools You Need For Perfect Homemade Cocktails

//Tools You Need For Perfect Homemade Cocktails

Tools You Need For Perfect Homemade Cocktails

Those of us who love celebrating the start of the weekend with an after-work drink at a Waterloo cocktail bar or are used to whiling away hours on a Saturday afternoon sipping on delicious fruity punches will certainly be mourning the closure of pubs and bars at the moment.

However, this does not mean you have to completely deny yourselves of your favourite cocktails, as there are many ways you can recreate your regular drinks at home.

The trick to making your own cocktails is to make sure you have all the ingredients and tools you need at the ready. If you’re used to frequenting cocktail bars, you’ll know it isn’t just a case of shaking spirits and mixers together to create the delicious flavour combinations.

No, it is the art of combining the perfect proportion of herbs, ice, and fruit as well, as well as using the right equipment that will turn you into a barman like Tom Cruise from Cocktail.

So what are these magic items you need? Firstly, one of the most useful ingredients to get your hands on if you want to improve your cocktail making skills is Angostura bitters.

“The Angostura brand is the most flavourful of the bitters they’ve tried and they like that it adds extra spice and depth to whisky and bourbon cocktails, in particular,” an article in the Reading Chronicle stated.

A citrus juicer is also recommended as freshly squeezed juice is far superior than juice out of a carton, and you will certainly taste the difference in your beverage.

It is also worth getting a muddler, which you would have no doubt seen many professional cocktail staff use before.

By crushing leaves and fruit in a cocktail, this releases the flavours of the ingredients, giving the beverage a fuller and deeper taste.

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