Drink Your Day Around The World

//Drink Your Day Around The World

Drink Your Day Around The World

The summertime is when the heat of the day urges us to ignore our usual drinking habits and try something different. So taking inspiration from around the world, we’ve set out a guide to taking a cocktail trip around the world, from breakfast to supper!


Breakfast – Pomada, Menorca, Spain

Breakfast calls for a citrus-based beverage, and Menorcans take this seriously! It’s the custom for locals to begin their day with a Pomada, a long, cool, and delicious combination of lemonade and gin, garnished with a slice of lemon.


Brunch – Bloody Mary, Canada

The Bloody Mary is the queen of the 11 am hangover desperation. The Canadian variant is called the Caesar, and while almost identical to the Bloody Mary – vodka, lemon, tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and salt – the extra addition is a splash of clam juice from the broth of steamed clams.


Lunch – Mojito, Cuba

Born in the bars of old Havana, the Mojito gained classic status as the tipple of choice of Ernest Hemingway. Rum, mint, lime, sugar and crushed ice, piled up in a tall collins glass is a powerful riposte to the steamy heat of summer in Cuba, perfect with a traditional Cuban sandwich at a cafe.


Late Afternoon – Americano, Italy

James Bond ordered one of these elegant drinks in Ian Fleming’s first novel, Casino Royale. This light and refreshing drink is made of Campari, sweet vermouth and soda water.


Dinner – Pisco Sour, Peru

Peru and Chile both contest the claim to Pisco, a type of brandy, but it is generally agreed that the Pisco Sour was first concocted in Lima in the 1920s. Made Pisco, egg white, sugar syrup and lime/lemon, it’s served either over ice or straight up, with a couple of drops of Angostura bitters floated on the foamy surface.


Late Night – Espresso Martini, London

Arriving back in Blighty, this legendary cocktail is said to have come from a model walking into Fred’s Club in London and asking for a drink that would ‘wake her up, then f*** her up’. This combination of espresso, vodka and coffee liqueur is ideal for a post-dinner pick-me-up.

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