Ice Ice Baby!

//Ice Ice Baby!

Ice Ice Baby!

There’s really nothing like a good cocktail, expertly made, shaken or stirred, and distilled into a specific glass suited to the drink, full of flavour, and chilled with the most basic of ingredients: ice.

Yet while we have all spent our lockdown perfecting our favourite tipples, stocking up on quality spirits and ingredients, and maybe even fancy barware to help create our cocktails, are we then making a mess of it all by neglecting to get quality ice?

Quality ice, is that a thing? Well, yes it is, and if you’re simply using ice from a tray in the freezer made with tap water, then all that hard work and pricey spirits are going to waste. That cloudy ice is full of chemical additives from your tap water, to begin with. Ice made from filtered or distilled water is clear, and much purer, and won’t add unwanted substances to your drink.

Ice plays a much larger part in your drink than simply chilling it. Most drinks are either shaken or stirred with ice or served on ice, both of which slightly dilute the drink with water. The trick is that you want some dilution, but not too much, and that amount varies from drink to drink.

The size and shape of your ice can make a difference to your drink too. The smaller the ice cubes, the quicker they will melt, causing your drink to dilute faster.

Crushed ice is fine for drinks that need to be a little more watered down, such as Mint Juleps, but for most cocktails, whether the ice is only used during the mixing, like a Martini, or used in the drink, like a Mojito or a Gin & Tonic, you’d want one-inch cubes, or larger.

However, for some drinks such as an Old Fashioned, you will need even bigger, 2 1/2 inch cubes that melt even slower. For a drink that’s meant to be sipped slowly, you don’t want it to be watered down before you finish it!

So, consider your ice carefully, remember it’s more than just frozen water to your cocktail, and make a difference to your home bartending skills! See how our mixology experts do it at our Waterloo cocktail bar!

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